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  DTN Weekly DDG Price Slightly Lower on Average
  Biden to Promote Admin Wins in Speech 02/03 06:05
  EU Officials Hold Kyiv Talks 02/03 06:13
  Jan May Have Delivered Lower Job Growth02/03 06:01
  Companies Pledge Money to Stem Deaths 02/03 06:09
  Biden, Black Caucus Agree on Reforms 02/03 06:12
  DeSantis Eyes 2024 From Afar 02/03 06:04
  Trump Staff: Fan the Flame of Vote Lies02/03 06:08
  Wall Street's Rally Hits Wall Friday 02/03 16:01
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@C3H 677'0 2'2
@S3H 1532'0 -2'2
@W3H 757'0 -4'2
@O3H 382'2 -5'6
MSFT 258.350000 - 6.250000
WMT 141.710000 - 1.910000
XOM 111.920000 0.770000

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