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  DDG Prices Lower Again
  Dems Dismiss Trump's 'Compromise' 01/20 09:57
  Major Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc 01/20 10:04
  Rival Militias Negotiate Truce in Libya01/20 09:53
  Possible Tornado Hits Small AL Town 01/20 10:00
  Congo Calm After Election Win Verified 01/20 10:03
  Syria: Repelled Israeli Air Raid 01/20 09:56
  US Spy Satellite Launched From Calif. 01/20 09:59
  Stocks Rise on Hopes for Trade Deal 01/18 16:34
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@C9H 380'6 1'6
@S9H 915'0 9'0
@W9H 516'6 0'0
@O9H 298'2 3'0
MSFT 107.710000 1.590000
WMT 97.730000 0.990000
XOM 72.990000 0.860000

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